Where to Purchase Headstones in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Family-Craft-GalleryIt’s never easy when a loved one passes. And when you’re the person responsible for making funeral arrangements, you end up compounding your feelings of grief with feelings of anxiety. Does your loved one have a burial plot? What kind of casket should you purchase? What kind of funeral service should you have? What kind of music should you play at the service? What kind of flowers? The number of questions that need answers can be overwhelming.

Among the list of decisions that need to be made are where to purchase a headstone and what kind of headstone to buy. If you live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and you’re in the process of choosing a headstone for a deceased friend or family member, we encourage you to consider Family Craft Memorials. Located in Durango, Colorado, we’re a full-service headstone and monument company with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Using time-tested methods passed down by our founders—who started the business almost 100 years ago—our skillful staff creates quality headstones, monuments, and memorials.

We carry a wide selection of marker and monument types, including mausoleums, beveled grave markers, upright headstones, bronze memorial plaques, slanted headstones, pet memorial stones, garden markers, memorial benches, and granite memorial vases. We also pride ourselves on our custom artwork and designs. If you have an idea for a special project, we’d love to discuss it with you.

In addition to our wide range of headstones and monuments, we offer a number of related services. Our sandblasting service is great for projects that require painting or finishing. We can sandblast metal, wood, and aluminum surfaces. We also offer on-site lettering, so you can add information to headstones after they’re set in the cemetery. We also offer monument cleaning, monument restoration, and the ability to add inlaid images to memorials.

But perhaps the best reason to choose Family Craft Memorials is that we strive to be compassionate in our business dealings. We realize that you have a lot to deal with. We never want you to feel rushed in your decision making, and we welcome any questions you may have.