Where to Buy Headstones in Bloomfield, New Mexico

Family-Craft-GalleryIf you live in Bloomfield, New Mexico and you’re looking to purchase a headstone, monument, or memorial, we hope you’ll consider Family Craft Memorials. Founded in 1917, we’re a full-service headstone and monument company. For years, our experienced staff has employed trade methods passed down from our founders to bring you top-quality monuments and memorials at reasonable prices.

We carry a variety of headstone and monument types, including beveled headstones, upright gravestones, slanted grave markers, bronze plaques, mausoleums, pet memorials, garden stones, memorial vases, and memorial benches. We also specialize in custom artwork and design, and our Farmington, New Mexico location is just a 20-minute drive from Bloomfield.

In addition to our core product offering, we also provide a number of related services. Our photo inlay service allows us to digitize your image before glazing and firing it onto a ceramic surface. We’ve worked on a number of restoration projects in the Four Corners Region. Most recently, we handled all of the monument restoration work for the Cherry Creek Lutheran Cemetery. We also offer monument cleaning, on-site lettering, and sandblasting services.

But the perhaps the most important aspect of our business is our focus on compassion. We understand that it’s never easy when someone you love passes away. You’re already dealing with the grief of their loss, then you have to deal with the anxiety of organizing the various details of their funeral service. What coffin should you purchase? What music will play at their funeral service? What kind of service will it be? Where will it be held? The whole thing is very overwhelming. Nevertheless, the decisions you make are important. A headstone, monument, or memorial helps sustain the memory of the person you love. We never want you to feel rushed in your decisions, and we welcome the opportunity to help guide you through the decision making process. Please contact us with any questions you may have.