Shopping for Headstones in Cortez, Colorado?

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Family Craft Memorials

Family-Craft-GalleryThe passing of a friend or family member can be a trying time in your life. In addition to dealing with your own personal grief, you may also have to make arrangements for your loved one’s funeral. This can include determining the type of funeral service, selecting a burial plot, choosing a casket, deciding who to notify, and selecting the flowers and music for the funeral service. You may also need to choose a headstone for the deceased.

If you live in Cortez, Colorado and you’re in the process of finding a headstone, memorial, or monument for your loved one – you should consider visiting Family Craft Memorials. Located in Durango, Colorado, we take the hassle out of choosing a headstone. Here are the top five reasons you should consider Family Craft Memorials:

Reason #5 –We Offer Additional Services

We’re very good at designing headstones and monuments, but that isn’t all we do. We offer a number of services that you may find handy. Want to add some imagery to your memorial? We can digitize your photos, then glaze and fire them onto a ceramic surface that’s incorporated into your monument. Perhaps you need to remove old paint and rust prior to a new paint job? We have the ability to sandblast metal, wood, and aluminum parts. We also offer monument cleaning, monument restoration, and on-site headstone lettering.

Reason #4 – We Have a Wide Range of Headstones and Monuments

At Family Craft Memorials, you’ll find a lot more than one type of headstone. We feature a wide assortment of markers and monuments, including mausoleums, bevels, upright headstones, bronze plaques, slants, pet memorial stones, garden markers, memorial benches, and memorial vases. Stop by our store to check out the selection and see for yourself.

Reason #3 – We Pride Ourselves on Our Custom Artwork and Design

Have an idea for a custom project? We specialize in designing custom headstones, monuments, and memorials. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to manage your project from concept to installation. We’ll work with you to sketch your idea, and make sure we get your approval before carving your piece in our Durango facility. We can also install the memorial once it’s finished.

Reason #2 – We Have Years of Knowledge and Experience

Family Craft Memorials has been producing high-quality headstones and monuments since 1917. Our experienced staff uses time-tested methods passed down by our founders to create stunning designs at a reasonable price. When you choose us to handle your next project, you can be sure it will be done correctly.

Reason #1 – We Exercise Compassion and Understanding in Your Time of Loss

We understand that the passing of someone you care about is never easy, that you typically have a number of decisions to make, and that it is easy to become overwhelmed.  We never want you to feel rushed in your decision making process, and we encourage you to visit our store or contact us with any questions you may have.