6 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Headstones in Aztec, New Mexico

Family-Craft-GalleryWhen a loved one passes, their close family members are often faced with a number of important decisions. What kind of funeral service should we hold? What kind of casket should they be buried in? Who should we invite to the service? What kind of flowers should we use to decorate? The list goes on.

Among the important decisions that need to be made when a friend or family member passes, is the decision about what type of headstone to buy. If you live in Aztec, New Mexico and you’re searching for the best place to purchase a headstone or monument for your loved one, there are six things you’ll want to ask yourself:

1) How Close is the Store to Where I Live?

This question is somewhat obvious. A headstone or monument acts as a lasting testament to the memory of someone you hold dear. You will likely have questions when choosing a headstone, and you will probably want to visit the store to check out sample materials and plan your design. You shouldn’t have to drive hours to make an informed decision. Luckily, our Farmington, New Mexico location is just a 15-minute drive from Aztec, New Mexico.

2) How Much Knowledge and Experience Does the Staff Have?

Just like any other craft, the ability to work with granite, marble, and bronze requires both knowledge and experience. When you purchase your gravestone or memorial from Family Craft Memorials, you’re purchasing from a company that’s been in business since 1917. And when you combine the experience of our staff with the methods passed down by our founders, you get an excellent product at a reasonable price.

3) Do They Carry a Wide Range of Headstones and Monuments?

A traditional upright headstone makes a fine option when deciding how to mark your loved one’s grave. However, it never hurts to have options. Perhaps you’d prefer to go with a mausoleum entombment? Maybe you’d like to add a memorial bench? Or, you might want to mark your loved one’s grave with a bronze plaque? Family Craft Memorials can accommodate you in all of these choices and more.

4) Do They Offer Custom Artwork and Design?

It’s nice to have a wide range of products, but it’s even better when a company offers custom artwork and design. We work with you to sketch your headstone or monument prior to carving it. We even handle installation.

5) Do They Offer Any Other Services?

When you have a gravesite with a headstone that needs a date added, it is often easier to have someone come to you than it is to bring the headstone to them. At Family Craft Memorials, we offer on-site lettering, so you can make additions to a gravestone without having to figure out the logistics of moving it. We provide a number of other services including sandblasting, monument restoration, monument cleaning, and inlaid photography.

6) Will They Be Compassionate In Your Time of Loss?

We realize how overwhelming it can be to deal with the logistics of putting a family member to rest while also coping with feelings of loss. We try to employ compassion in all of our business dealings, and we never want you to feel rushed in your decision making process. We’re always available to answer any questions you have – whether through email, phone, or in-person conversation. Contact us today.