Welcome to Family Craft Memorials

Family Craft Memorials is a full service monument company that has been in operation since 1917.  Our experience, coupled with our methods directly passed down by our founders, enable us to create high quality memorial art at reasonable rates.

We pride ourselves in our custom artwork in addition to the entire scope of memorialization.  We create a sketch of each piece prior to carving for your approval.  Once we have your sketch precisely the way you like it, we’ll carve it here in our Durango facility.  Our staff follows each monument the entire way from concept through to installation on site insuring the highest standards.Our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We constantly strive for perfection in creating distinctive monuments to commemorate “someone who mattered.” Our specialty is custom designed art.There are so many decisions that must be made when a loved one passes.  Please do not feel rushed.  A monument is expected to last forever. Take your time here and allow us to show you what we’ve learned.  We are sure we will not be able to answer all your questions on this website.  Please feel free to call us with any additional questions you may have.  It is our honor to help you with this lasting tribute.

Family Craft Memorials service:  Durango Colorado, Farmington New Mexico, and the greater Four Corners Area.